Elon Musk acquires Twitter to ‘help humanity’

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Billionaire Elon Musk announced his acquisition of Twitter in a social media post , telling advertisers it would be a safe place for their brand.

According to The Guardian , in his statement, Mr. Musk said the reason for the acquisition of Twitter is because it is important to the future of human civilization, where people can argue a variety of beliefs in a healthy way. without resorting to violence. He added: “That’s why I bought Twitter. I don’t do it just to make more money. I do this to try to help humanity, the people I hold dear.”

Reportedly, Musk tweeted a day after visiting Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco (USA) and posted a video of him entering the building carrying a hand wash basin with the caption ” Enter Twitter headquarters – let it sink in.” Before that, Mr. Musk also changed his Twitter role to “Chief Twit”.

In addition, Mr. Musk also highlighted the long-term failure related to negotiations between him and the company. At the same time, he promises to deliver a near-censorship-free experience after acquiring Twitter.

It is known that although Musk is the richest man in the world , he definitely needs a high level of revenue from Twitter to offset the loans he took out to buy this company, with interest each year up to 1 billion USD. Basically, Twitter is definitely not a completely free place for everyone.

According to Musk, in addition to complying with US laws, the company’s platform will be open to everyone, where they can choose the desired experience according to their preferences, such as choosing to watch. movies or games from all ages. Musk wants Twitter to become the most respected advertising platform in the world, helping to strengthen brands and grow businesses .

In general, although not officially acknowledged, this message shows that it is unlikely that he will have the Twitter account of former US President Donald Trump restored. Previously, advertisers had seen Trump’s return to the site as a red line, and many Twitter customers had requested that all advertising on Twitter be halted if Mr. Trump’s account was restored. Notably, in a tweet sent in April (which has since been deleted), shortly after the first Twitter acquisition offer, Mr Musk wrote that his plan for the platform was “no ads”.

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