Email marketing (or newsletter) truncated in Gmail: how to avoid it

by nativetechdoctor
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For awhile now, Gmail has suspended all marketing emails, transactional emails, and newsletters if they don’t meet certain criteria. Here are some tips for getting all of your emails in your recipient’s Gmail inbox.

Gmail: what limit should not be exceeded so as not to see your emails truncated?

To prevent your marketing, newsletter, or transactional email being truncated to your Gmail inbox on your phone or PC with one mouse click to see the remainder of “[Short Message] View Full Message,” the total HTML weight of your email should not exceed 102 kb.

How and why to reduce the weight of your emails? 6 simple, yet effective tips.

Besides the fact that your email won’t get truncated in Gmail, the weight of the email sent has an indirect impact on the company’s carbon footprint. The carbon footprint of every email you send depends, as in Gmail, on the total HTML weight of the email.

To lighten the total weight of an email, you can for example:

  • Limit as much as possible uncompressed animated gifs (often large).
  • Compress all images before integration.
  • Limit the total number of images included in the newsletter.
  • Use compressed image formats suited to the type of image (x: png8 if logo with few colors, compressed jpeg if photo).
  • Integrate images in dimensions consistent with those of your users’ screens (it is useless to integrate an image of 3000 pixels x 1500 pixels in an emailing for example, the latter will never be loaded in a mailbox in these dimensions but the image weight may be up to 10 x greater than that of a properly resized image).
  • Keep the height of your news and its overall content as low as possible to prevent Gmail from truncating your email even if it is less than 102 KB.

How to measure the weight (in KB) of an email?

Now that you know the 102KB limit you have to stick to, you may be wondering how to calculate email weight if the email software you are using (whether it’s an Alternative to Mailchimp or other professional software) doesn’t offer it.

To do so, when creating your email and testing it, you just need to:

  • Click on the mirror link to view your newsletter on your browser.
  • Right-click and click “Save As” (you will see a dialog box popping up informing you that you are trying to save a complete web page, go ahead and save the page to your computer).
  • View in the “Size” column of your computer the weight associated with this web page (if this column is not displayed, right-click on the saved file, and “Read information” (on Mac) or “Properties” on Windows to see the file size in kb).

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