Epic Games is about to give away two new games for free

by nativetechdoctor

Players will continue to receive more free titles from the Epic Games store.

According to VGC, the next free Epic Games Store titles have been revealed. Specifically, between April 27 and May 4, players can visit Epic Games‘ store to receive two free titles Breathedge and Poker Club

Breathedge is a survival game set in space, where the player takes the role of an astronaut who has an accident while on a mission and must survive in the harsh environment of space. In addition, you will have to find a way to repair the damaged spaceship and find out the terrible conspiracy lurking behind the accident.

For Poker Club, players will play as a professional poker players in a worldwide Poker Tour tournament, then join the Club and make a name for themselves in 200-player online tournaments

Breathedge and Poker Club games will replace Beyond Blue and Never Alone, which are currently free until April 27.

Last year, Epic Games Store gave away 99 free games to users. According to Epic, these games total $2,240, and users have now claimed more than 700 million free titles (down from 765 million games in 2021).

Epic Games recently announced the acquisition of Brazil-based studio Aquiris for an undisclosed amount, the developer behind the Horizon Chase and Wonderbox games. The acquired studio will focus on developing content for the game Fortnite

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