Facebook deleted nearly 200 accounts associated with groups trying to rally supporters to attend violent protests in the United States.

by nativetechdoctor

According to TheVerge, the deleted account is linked to two hateful groups that have been banned by Facebook, including Proud Boys and American Guard. Facebook is tracking accounts and is starting to see posts that encourage people to take part in protests, although some are preparing to take part in weapons demonstrations. The company did not disclose details of deleted user accounts or planned activities during the protest.

Last week, Facebook said it would limit the spread of protesting groups and groups on its platform, where extreme groups use the term “boogaloo” to refer to the “US Civil War”. second coming “. The company will downgrade pages and groups in search results and will not recommend them to users.

After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, weekend protests continued in the United States. Authorities blame Floyd’s death for the second-degree murder of Derek Chauvin when a video showed Chavin kneeling on Floyd’s neck.

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