Facebook Messenger goes down globally

by nativetechdoctor
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The problem of Facebook Messenger occurred from about 20:30 pm on a global scale, causing users to temporarily interrupt communication through this messaging tool.

Messenger started crashing around 8:30 p.m. on May 2 while the Facebook app was still active. According to sharing from some users, they can still send messages and say “Sent” (sent) but the receiving end has no new notification updates, while others say it can’t be reloaded. content or refresh applications on personal phones

“I was discussing work tomorrow with my boss, when suddenly I felt silent and didn’t say anything. A few minutes passed, my boss called to inform me that I could not send new messages or there was a problem. See on my personal Facebook, there are also many friends. had a similar situation,” shared Hoang Anh, a communications officer in Hanoi.

On the DownDetector page – the address for reporting problems of global online services, the number of users reporting the connection error of Messenger increased dramatically just a few minutes after the first responses. This is a sign that the application is malfunctioning on a large scale, not only in Vietnam. In addition, the problem also reflects the popularity of Facebook’s messaging software in user communication.

According to statistics based on reports, up to 78% of Messenger users said they had errors in sending messages, 16% when receiving messages, and errors caused by the application accounted for 7% of the total responses. However, many people said that their application was working normally just a few minutes after the report. This fact is also reflected in the decreasing number of responses after quickly peaking in the “vertical” state on the chart.

Towards 9 p.m., some contacts were restored. Currently, Meta (the parent company of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram) has not yet responded to the cause of the problem. In many previous errors, many of the reasons were related to the adjustment and addition of some features on the application and were soon fixed

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