Facebook Messenger’s new tool to protect children under 18 from harmful chat

by nativetechdoctor
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Facebook has launched a new tool to protect minors from malicious chat and messenger fraud. Messenger users now see a new security notification. Users are also given the advice to identify suspicious activities or people. In this way, malicious chat can be identified and blocked or ignored. This function on Android smartphones has been launched. the benefits of this feature will start on iOS.

Children’s privacy is fully taken into account with this Facebook Messenger feature. ByJ Sullivan, director of product management for Messenger, said privacy, security, and protection are very important for Messenger. He said we are trying to make sure Messenger is the safest place to connect with people where people can connect with their special friends. Facebook Messenger works end-to-end encryption. Facebook developed these safety tips using machine learning.

Facebook said that it is fully monitoring the message request being sent to children below 18 years. It also educates minors about the use of Messenger. This whole Facebook exercise is to keep people from scams and keep away from adult content. It also allows immediate action against those who post any wrong.

Facebook-owned company Instagram also recently launched a new tool to protect Instagram users from copyright rule violations. Instagram will notify users through a notification, so that the content they are using is subject to violation of the Copyright Act or not. These new guidelines of Instagram will make it easier for its users to access music, stories, and other posts in live videos. The new update includes a pop notification that will timely notify users that they are using unlicensed music or art, which will help them avoid violating the rules.

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