Facebook tests to merge Messenger as before

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Messenger messaging could return to the Facebook platform after a decade of splitting into two separate apps.

Facebook once made many users angry when it separated Messenger from the social networking application, forcing them to download more software to their devices so they could continue chatting with friends and relatives. After nearly a decade, the leadership of Meta is intent on bringing things back to the way they were.

In a recent interview with CNN, Tom Alison – who is in charge of developing Facebook software today (under the parent company Meta) revealed that the platform is testing bringing the chat feature back to the Facebook application so that people can use it. Users can easily share content without having to use the Messenger program. This test is intended to strengthen the company’s strength in the competition with TikTok.

“We believe that content is not only used by users, but also starts a conversation, and becomes a topic for friends to share in a group of people who share the same interests. What makes Instagram and What sets Facebook apart from TikTok or other apps is the ability to start chatting with friends like that,” Alison explained.

Facebook’s new move is the result of a strategic re-evaluation following concerns about stagnation and increasing user age. CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants the platform not only to be a place to connect friends and family but also to become a tool for discovery.

Recently, Facebook redesigned the content interface of the homepage (News Feed section) to display many entertainment posts across the platform thanks to the assistance of AI, instead of focusing on content from the relationship network. of the user. Facebook’s purpose has been clear in this change: to try to keep users engaged longer and to help the platform compete well with TikTok – the video-sharing social network is able to recommend content streams quite accurately according to the needs of the audience. viewer taste.

The change brought the first positive sign to Facebook’s leadership. Last month, the platform hit 2 billion daily active users.

Although Facebook and Instagram are struggling to catch up with TikTok in attracting users, including copying features, Alison still thinks that the nearly 20-year-old social network is still “one step ahead” thanks to its starting point. The platform that connects people with each other. In fact, this is still the “address” for many celebrities, including content developers, to create fan communities to interact further outside of the main content shared on Instagram and TikTok.

“I think networking helps creators and celebrities get closer to their fans on Facebook than on any other platform,” Alison said.

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