Facebook wants Messenger to be the default message on iOS

by nativetechdoctor
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Facebook wants users to be able to choose Messenger as the default messaging app on iOS, especially given that iOS 14 has allowed people to choose alternative email apps and web browsers.

“We feel people can choose different and default messaging apps on their phones,” said Engadget, Facebook Vice President Stan Chudnovsky.

While Messenger isn’t the best option for messaging apps, resetting the default settings may allow users to choose apps that offer a better experience than Messenger or Apple’s Messages.

Currently, the Android operating system has allowed users to choose their favorite messaging app. However, Apple probably won’t give users that option. The Messages app from Apple remains one of the reasons people buy the company’s hardware, and Apple uses encrypted messages to brag about its security practices.

But not allowing users to choose their default messaging app could add to the argument that Apple is acting exclusively. The company is facing growing criticism over its App Store fees and it is the target of many antitrust investigations. Previously, Epic Games, Spotify and many other companies announced the Application Fairness Alliance to pressure both Apple and Google to change their app store rules and other restrictive policies.

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