Facebook will notify users about to share old information

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According to Engadget, Facebook will encourage users to check whether what they want to share with their friends is still relevant before deciding to include it in their feed.

John Hegemann, Vice President of Feed and Stories on Facebook, said: “In recent months, our internal research has shown that the timeliness of an article is an important part of the context that helps everyone. who choose to read, believe and share. “According to him, the problem of sharing old content is considered worrying. When people share old news, publishers intentionally or unintentionally update footnotes, which can cause confusion about the current status of a story or topic.

According to Facebook, the feature, which is based on a news review tool launched in 2018, provides more context for posts shared by people, including news and related information. If you are interested, publish a publisher overview on their Wikipedia page. The company plans to test other types of signals in the coming months. Among other things, Facebook is considering directing users to the Covid-19 information center when someone shares a link to content that mentions the disease.

It is known that Facebook is not the only social networking platform where people think carefully about what they share. Earlier this month, Twitter launched an Android application test that asked users if they really wanted to read the article before tweeting.

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