FIFA 23 is said to have a cross-play feature

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It has been reported that FIFA 23 brings cross-platform competition for the first time in the football longstanding

According to VCG, FIFA 23 is expected to integrate cross-play for the first time in the history of the game series. This information was revealed by Xfire, which claims that the soccer game series will allow players from PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to be able to play together.

The report also claims that Technology has received a major upgrade that could allow the development team to capture animations from real-life soccer players during actual matches using a field camera. motor. The updated technology will be able to collect ‘100 times more data’ in a football season than EA has recorded in the history of FIFA.

FIFA 23 will also feature both the FIFA World Cup of men’s and women’s football, and EA announced that the company plans to expand its existing licensing agreements with women’s leagues and teams.

Last week, EA CEO Andrew Wilson told his staff during an internal meeting that the FIFA branding was ‘hindering’ the franchise, preventing EA from expanding its games into modes. new. In a public statement last October, EA implied that if it severed its relationship with FIFA, it would retain all the rights to other tournaments, players, and stadiums because of the agreements. such agreement is set out separately, not related to FIFA.

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