Final Fantasy could become a PS5 exclusive game

by nativetechdoctor
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Recent rumors have revealed that Sony is looking to secure the exclusive Final Fantasy game franchise for its latest PlayStation platform.

The Final Fantasy (FF) series began with its first publication in 1987 and over 30 years has remained the favorite game of many gamers around the globe. Publisher Square Enix has released the first 6 FF games on the NES and Super Nintendo systems.

But since Sony introduced PlayStation 1 (PS1), Square Enix has “turned the wheel” and made FF an exclusive game on this platform until FF11 was released on PC and FF13 was available on Xbox 360. At this point, FF14 becomes a cross-platform game when available on PC and PS, and in FF15, Xbox appears at the same time.

This may make Sony unhappy, so recently, some rumors confirmed that the company is trying to turn FF back as a co-title game on their PS platform.

VGC’s Jordan Middler recently revealed that most of the games released by Square Enix will be available on Xbox, but as for Final Fantasy, it’s unlikely because this IP is most likely exclusive to Sony, starting with Stranger of Paradis: Final Fantasy Origin is coming soon. Middler also revealed that FF7 Remake was supposed to be available on Xbox, but this has yet to happen.

Official information has yet to be announced by Sony or Square Enix, but it seems that Sony is planning to make Final Fantasy “own” for PS5. This Japanese enterprise is carrying out activities to strengthen the library for PS5 with exclusive titles, such as Deathloop (developed by Arkane Studios, published by Bethasda) at least until next September, or Ghostwire: Tokyo…

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