Fingerprint sensor of your smartphone can be easily hacked: Research

by nativetechdoctor
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Fingerprint sensor is used as the most preferred security lock for smartphone users. But, did you know that hackers can easily hack your fingerprint sensor. Researchers claim that the fingerprint sensor is extremely easy to hack. Over the past few years, biometric locks have been preferred. Before this, the smartphone is locked through a feature phone or smartphone, PIN or pattern. The trend of fingerprint sensor has also increased because it is easy to unlock. Just one touch and the phone unlocks.

Recently, a new study of Cisco Talo has come out, according to which, fingerprint sensor can be bypassed many times and its success rate is also very high. Researchers used several Android and iOS smartphones to check this. Researchers were also surprised to see the result after testing. Their hackers have bypassed the 80% bypass rate of devices with fingerprint security. That is, 80 times out of 100 hackers were able to bypass the fingerprint security.

For this, hackers cloned fingerprints using 3D printing technology. However, researchers believe that fingerprint security is good for users with average privacy whose phone is lost. But, if you are a celebrity or a well-known person, then you should not use fingerprint authentication.

Researchers claim that with the help of 3D printers, hackers can easily unlock your device and steal data. In such a situation, if you also use the fingerprint sensor to lock-unlock the phone, then you should note that your smartphone does not go into the hands of any unknown people. However, in the coming times, smartphone manufacturers will have to take care of how to make the fingerprint authentication feature even more secure.

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