Firefox 82 will no longer support the FTP protocol

by nativetechdoctor
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As is known, Mozilla plans to remove support for the FTP protocol from Firefox in 2021 for security reasons. Aside from the fact that FTP is a less secure form of data transfer, a protocol that is rarely used is another reason why Mozilla does not want to expand FTP support in Firefox in the future. According to Mozilla, the use of FTP is very low at 0.05%.

As planned, Mozilla decided to stop support for version 77 for FTP but slowed due to the impact of the COVID 19. The company now confirms that the final plan to remove FTP support starts with Firefox 82. Likewise, Google FTP no longer supports the Chrome browser by default.

However, with Mozilla, developers can still test their next FTP work on Firefox thanks to the Firefox Developer Tools extension, which allows developers to identify, review, and report site compatibility issues. Network.

FTP is considered an insecure protocol and must continue to use HTTPS to download data from the Internet. In addition, Mozilla said that part of the FTP code is very old, insecure, and difficult to maintain. Mozilla has also discovered a number of vulnerabilities and FTP security incidents in the past.

After Mozilla stops supporting FTP, FTP will continue to be handled by third-party applications. This way, people can still use it to download data. However, it will no longer be possible to view and browse the directory list.

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