Firefox Android removes the Nightly version

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Faced with difficulty in maintaining funding, Mozilla decided to remove the Nightly version of Firefox browser on the Android mobile operating system.

Although the popularity of Firefox is not inferior to Google’s Chrome browser, according to some recent information, revenue and sponsorship of Mozilla are not good.

The nonprofit continues to look for additional revenue streams, sometimes provoking a backlash from its community, while the Firefox Android app is still being rewritten from the start. And currently maintaining some unnecessary versions of Firefox browser on the Google Play store has been considered, Mozilla decided to remove at least 2 of the 4 or 5 Firefox applications on Android.

How many Firefox browser versions are currently available? The first is the most stable version of Firefox, followed by the Firefox Beta, which is also somewhat stable but is still being rewritten to the mobile browser version. And there are 3 more versions: Firefox Nightly, Firefox Preview and Firefox Preview Nightly, which contain experimental features and unstable operation. Not to mention Firefox Focus-oriented security and Firefox Lite with a simpler structure.

Users using the test version above have received a notification that 2 of those browser versions will be removed. Firefox Preview will be merged with Firefox Nightly while Firefox Preview Nightly will stop completely. Spin-off browsers like Focus and Lite are not affected.

If you need a compatible version of Firefox with old and stable extensions, then the official version of Firefox will be your first choice. Test versions are gradually being aggregated and removed, so when you need to use, you must consider in choosing the version.

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