General Motors wants to put ChatGPT in cars

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General Motors vice president Scott Miller said in an interview that ChatGPT will be in everything.

There’s still a long way to go for artificial intelligence (AI) to bring users to work, but with a step forward from General Motors, some car owners will soon be chatting with ChatGPT on their way to work .

According to Semafor, General Motors (GM) is exploring the use of ChatGPT as part of a broader partnership with Microsoft. This chatbot can be used to access information on how to use vehicle features – which are often found in manuals – as well as programs such as garage doors or schedule integration.

General Motors says this change is not just a single development like a command, customers will soon have cars with more new capabilities in technology. GM’s in-car version of the AI ​​assistant works differently than ChatGPT or Bing Chat. GM is working to add a more automotive-specific layer on top of OpenAI models known to answer any question – which often has unpredictable results.

Vice President Scott Miller believes that the integration of the ChatGPT virtual assistant can effectively serve specific situations. For example, if the car has a flat tire, the user can ask the car to explain how to change the tire, which can then call up the video player on the screen inside the car. Or when the diagnostic light pops up on the dashboard, the driver can ask the virtual assistant what it means and whether to park the car on the curb or continue to move to the garage to fix the error.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a billion-dollar investment in OpenAI, owner of ChatGPT, which said the deal aims to add chatbot technology to all of its products.

The Redmond-based company and other major tech companies are now working to bring more technology into the system, from infotainment and autonomous driving to battery performance control and more. car.

Earlier in 2021, General Motors partnered with Microsoft to accelerate the commercialization of driverless vehicles.

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