God Mode hackers are raging on Halo Infinite

by nativetechdoctor
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The cheaters are ruining Halo Infinite for unbalancing the game with God Mode.

According to Dexerto, the popular game Halo was corrupted by God Mode by hackers. The cheaters, instead of experiencing Halo Infinite with practice and skill, intervened to activate God Mode in various game modes, to help themselves become invincible and indestructible.

God Mode makes cheaters strengthened and not destroyed, from which many other players suffer imbalances and become bored with the game. ‘s Warzone games Call of Duty have been hacked multiple times, and now 343 Industries’ AAA shooter is the latest victim of God Mode.

Halo Infinite had a relatively nice launch, aside from some Battle Pass and XP issues. The game is the classic sci-fi multiplayer experience that loyal fans have loved throughout the years. Recently with the addition of a campaign mode, Halo Infinite is kicking off one of the brightest starts for its franchise. But it seems that God Mode is making Halo’s success significantly shaken.

According to many player discussions on Reddit, they encountered a God Mod opponent with a flashing red body and could not defeat these guys. Besides, there are also many other opinions that this is a problem from the game, not a God Mode hacker, such as the problem of not being able to synchronize player actions.

Currently 343 Industries has no official answer to this God Mode-related issue.

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