Good news for Apple iPhone users, they will be able to use FaceID soon by applying mask

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple will soon present the good news to millions of iPhone users. Lately, many users have had difficulty accessing face recognition with masks. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, people are currently wearing masks that prevent people from using the iPhone’s Face ID feature. Apple is already working on this new feature, where face recognition can be accessed by using a mask. This feature is highlighted in iOS 13.5 beta.

iPhone users have to skip Face ID and enter pass code to unlock the phone. Let me tell you that Face ID was first introduced for authentication in iPhone X and removed the physical fingerprint sensor like home button. In every phone from iPhone X to iPhone 11 series, the phone is unlocked using the user’s facial data with the help of true depth camera.

iOS user Robert Peterson posted this feature with his Twitter handle. This feature has been rolled out for some developers of iOS 13.5 beta. Soon this feature can be rolled out with the stable version. There was an option to train Face ID in the operating system before this beta update of iOS 13.5 was rolled out.

In the past, Apple has been working on contact tracing with Google to make changes to the API to fight the coronavirus. Coronavirus contacts can be tracked after this feature is rolled out. These feature users will be able to enable notifications through dedicated settings. This feature will be rolled out for both Android and iOS users.

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