Google announced Android 11 Beta with a series of new features

by nativetechdoctor
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Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, Google did not host the Google I / O 2020 event to launch the new Android 11 Beta. In exchange, the company publishes the main features of this edition on its website.

If you have a smartphone from Pixel 2 to Pixel 4 XL, users can install and try the latest version of this Android operating system. Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and Sharp smartphones can also be updated in the coming weeks.

Here are some new features in Android 11 Beta:

Focusing on users makes communication easier

To make communication on your mobile easier and easier, Android 11 transfers all your conversations from various messaging applications to a specific location in the notification area. This way you can easily see, answer, and manage all your calls in one place. You can prioritize important conversations so you don’t miss messages. These important calls are displayed in your user interface which is constantly active, even when your phone is in “do not disturb” mode.

Android 11 also launches Bubbles, a new feature that helps you seamlessly respond and engage in essential conversations without having to switch back and forth between your current task and the messaging app. You can open a ‘bubble’ for your conversation right from the notification and do many things at the same time without missing a something.

Additionally, when you enter content using the Gboard keyboard app in Android 11, you’ll get automatic and suitable suggestions for emoticons and text. This ability is based on security intelligence on the device that takes advantage of Federated Learning, allowing it to work while Google never sees anything you type.

New ways to control your connected devices and media

With the world around us becoming more connected thanks to the closest computing devices, Android 11 helps you better manage all connected devices.

You can now quickly access and control your smart device from the same location by pressing and holding the power button. Setting the temperature, turning on the lights, or unlocking the front door can now be done with just a push of a button, without opening many applications.

Your device driver will appear ready along with everything else you need, like your payment methods or your boarding pass (when routes reopen).

Google also introduces new media drivers in Android 11, making it quick and convenient to switch your device to play your default audio content. Now converting music from headphones, speakers or even TV is easier than ever.

More security improvements

Each version of Android has new privacy and security controls that allow you to decide how and when to share data on your device. Android 11 even has more detailed controls for the most sensitive permissions. Google has introduced single level permission that allows an application to access your microphone, camera, or location only once. The next time the application needs to access this sensor, you must reactivate it.

In addition, if you have used an application for a long period of time, Google will automatically reset all permissions related to that application and notify you of the permission settings. You can always choose to reauthorize the app the next time it is opened.

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