Google Chrome 90 implements setting HTTPS as the default protocol

by nativetechdoctor
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Google Chrome 90 is officially released for desktop now. it comes with a number of improvements, notably a change to make HTTPS the default protocol. There are also a number of security fixes, support for the AV1 encoder, and many developer changes.

the HTTPS protocol is more secure than HTTP because it encrypts data traffic. This means that you can send and receive personal information with better protection against interference by third parties. Previously, Chrome used HTTP by default if no protocol was specified, and would only redirect you to HTTPS if the site supported it. From now on, Chrome will connect to HTTPS and only return to HTTP if it is not available. This means web pages load a little faster.

Chrome 90 also comes with support for AV1 encoder, optimized specifically for video conferencing with WebRTC integration.

Google’s new tab search feature is also becoming more widespread in Chrome 90. This feature is useful for people browsing the web with too many tabs open at once. Using the tab search feature, you can type to find an open tab by its title or URL.

Finally, there are a number of improvements that will benefit developers. This includes a new value for the CSS overflow property, the API renaming feature, and new ways to use the Shadow DOM directly in HTML.

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