Google Chrome has the most security flaws in 2022

by nativetechdoctor

According to a new study, the Google Chrome browser had more than 300 reported security holes in 2022.

A report from AtlasVPN says that Google Chrome is the web browser with the most security vulnerabilities in 2022. Accordingly, Chrome has been recorded with 303 vulnerabilities, being the only web browser with new security vulnerabilities in October 2022.

In second place is Mozilla Firefox with only 117 vulnerabilities, while Microsoft Edge found 103 bugs, Safari and Opera ranked fourth and fifth.

That’s the figure for 2022, while the aggregate figures from the years, Chrome also topped with 3,159 vulnerabilities since its launch in September 2008. While Firefox, Safari, and Opera all came out before Chrome, these browsers still recorded fewer vulnerabilities, at 2,361, 1,139, and 344, respectively. The Microsoft Edge browser released in 2015 recorded 2,361, 1,139, and 344. plus 806 vulnerabilities.

To reduce the risk of hackers exploiting browser vulnerabilities to attack the system, users must install browser updates as soon as they are notified. Also, check extensions carefully before installing, as they may have vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.

Experts are also wary of phishing attacks, a commonly used email method to distribute malware capable of exploiting various browser bugs.

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