Google Chrome is about to have a battery and memory saving feature

by nativetechdoctor

Over the next few weeks, Google will roll out two new battery and memory-saving features to the desktop version of Google Chrome.

Despite being browser most popular the world’s , Google Chrome is known to be a power and memory-intensive application. And Google is fixing that with an update that will bring two new optimization features.

In a recent blog post, Google announced that it has built a battery and memory saving feature for the Google Chrome browser on the desktop. The search giant said it will roll out now and will be available globally for users of Windows, macOS and ChromeOS operating systems in the next few weeks.

According to Google, the new mode will help Chrome browser use 30% less memory than before. This feature is intended to keep the user’s tabs (tabs) running smoothly. If a user has multiple tabs open, the new feature will free up memory from unused tabs. Inactive tabs will be reloaded when the user returns to them.

And unlike memory saver, battery saver will only kick in when the user’s computer battery level drops to 20%. Once at this low battery level, the new feature will start limiting things like background activity and visual effects to webpages with animations and videos.

If you’re okay with the current Google Chrome browser, Google says you can turn off either of these features. In addition, the memory saver will allow users to mark websites that do not want to be affected by these features.

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