Google Chrome updated to support passkey protection

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Google’s new Chrome 108 browser version has officially supported passkey, a more secure method than passwords because this key is not shared with the website.

blog post According to Google’s Chromium, passkeys are starting to roll out with the recent M108 update for Chrome. These passkeys are built around methods that keep users’ accounts secure, such as two-factor authentication and Google’s password manager.

Passkeys are a more secure alternative to passwords as they will not be leaked in the event of a leak of server data. It also protects users from phishing attacks. Using a passkey will require authentication in the same way as unlocking the phone.

Google says with Chrome 108 update, passkey will be enabled on Android, Windows, and macOS, it also plans to bring it to iOS and Chrome OS. On Android phones, passkeys will be securely synced through Google’s password manager or password program in future OS updates.

After saving the passkey on the device, Google says the code will show up in autofill when the user logs in as an added security measure.

The desktop version will work a little differently, providing the option to ask an Android nearby device to select the passkey. Explaining how secure this security method is, Google says the passkey never leaves the user’s device. The code is securely generated and used in exchange with the website the user is logging in to.

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