Google Docs and Gmail have AI-powered text writing

by nativetechdoctor

Google Docs and Gmail will be the first applications of the “search giant” to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) features to support writing.

The “craze” of AI with the ability to write text is still heating up day by day, which is the reason why Google is constantly developing artificial intelligence to include in its products and services. Among the applications, Google Docs (text typing software similar to Microsoft Word) and Gmail will pioneer AI integration to support the ability to write and adjust the text for users.

The new AI feature is not a chatbot tool (automatic chat) embedded into an existing application or service but becomes an integral part of it, the same way Microsoft is experimenting with Bing Chat and the Edge browser. Accordingly, Google Docs will soon be able to help users start writing, “igniting” the content to be deployed later. For example, when typing “Describe the job of a regional sales representative”, the system will automatically return a text that lists the items related to that job, accompanied by a button to try changing the version. other description.

In a post announcing the new plan, Google affirms that “simply typing in the topic you want to write about, AI will create a draft immediately. With the cooperation of AI “collaborators”, users can continue to refine, edit, and refer to additional suggestions as needed.”

Google is also testing the ability to rewrite on Docs and Gmail – a feature that allows users to use a piece of user-written content and then reproduce it as text in a different style. Users can convert quick notes in a meeting into a smoother summary with just one click, the company says. Several options are available such as standardizing the content, rewriting the summary, switching bullet points, or improvising.

AI-powered recommendations can be easily edited, accepted, or changed before the user approves the workflow. In addition, Google also “provides the necessary management and control solutions so that the IT team can set the right policy for their organization”. This means that businesses and organizations have the right to turn off some (or all) AI tools, so it is likely that if users use Google Docs or Gmail at work, schools may not be able to experience the features. new.

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