Google Duo will add many new features, company revealed

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Google also plans to make the Google Duo video call application more useful and better. For this purpose, the company will increase the number of video call members. According to the report, up to 12 people can now connect to Google Duo at the same time, whereas previously only members could join a video call. In addition, the company will add several new features to this application that the company has posted on its blog.

According to the information given on the blog post of Google Duo, this app will soon add Snapshot feature and Capture Special Moment. Apart from this, the company has also informed that users will also be able to click photos during the video call in the Google Duo app. Along with this, there will also be a facility to connect 12 people simultaneously in video calling. The company can compete with apps like Whatsapp and Zoom with these features and changes.

According to the information given on the blog post, 10 million new users are getting added to Google Duo every week and this can be used to gauge the popularity of the app. In addition, the company has also announced that AV1 will also work on technology to improve video quality. The company claims that AV1 technology can provide better video quality even on a weak network. However, the company has not yet clarified how long the new features will be rolled out.

By the way, video calling apps are being used a lot these days to connect to each other during lockdown. This includes apps such as Whatsapp, Zoom and Google Meet in addition to Google Duo. Apart from connecting with loved ones, which are also being used for office meetings.

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