Google is about to release a confrontation tool ChatGPT

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai has just announced that Google is gearing up to deliver “some whole new experiences for users, developers, and businesses,” which is expected to be announced in May.

According to Techjuice, Google is facing stiff competition from other AI (artificial intelligence) tools and has now decided to build its own. Specifically, the company is working on a search engine with AI chatbot features similar to ChatGPT. In addition to the AI ​​chatbot search engine, Google also invests in 20 other AI projects to improve competitiveness.

In the face of the threat of ChatGPT, the top management of Google issued a “red code” statement to compete with the chatbot from OpenAI. The 20 AI projects that Google is currently working on include image creation tools, product prototype testing apps, and even a green screen mode for YouTube creators.

The growing popularity of ChatGPT is not the only threat to Google, what is more, worrying is the fact that Microsoft has just partnered with ChatGPT and plans to integrate it with Bing – a major competitor. best of Google Search.

Google’s chatbot is expected to focus on accuracy and safety while fighting misinformation. The urgency in AI projects shows that Google wants to lead the AI ​​trend. Mr. Pichai said in a memo to employees. “I am confident of the enormous opportunity ahead given the strength of our mission, the value of our products and services, and our initial investments,” into AI. To fully grasp it, we’ll need to make tough choices .”

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