Google is looking to unlock the Stadia gamepad

by nativetechdoctor

There’s still hope that the Stadia controller won’t become a decoration after Google’s game service shuts down in January.

According to The Gamer , Google confirmed the shutdown of Stadia in January 2023. This has led many users to wonder if Google will unlock the Stadia controller for them after the service is down.

From a source revealed in an email from Google to Forbes, the company is looking into the possibility of unlocking the Stadia controller.

“We received many requests to get the Stadia controller working on Bluetooth or other features after Stadia was completely turned off,” the email replied. “I will send this feedback to our team so they can test and release new firmware for the controller so it can work outside of Stadia.”

It is not known when the Stadia controller will be unlocked, but at least there is a good sign that Google is really listening to users. Currently, this controller can be used on some other platforms via a wired connection. However, the Bluetooth capability is locked and can only work with Stadia.

Allowing Stadia owners to take advantage of their controllers after the service is down could help some of the morale of Google users after the company announced the death of the game service. It will also reduce the large amount of e-waste generated in case the device becomes useless.

But there is still a dilemma for Google, which is the refund policy for users who have purchased Stadia games and hardware, more precisely, those who have been given Stadia products or have details. payment is changed after they purchase the device.

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