Google launches ‘Safe Folder’ in files app, now your data will be more secure

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Due to the corona virus, children are being given online classes at home, ,and in such a situation, most of their time pass with your smartphone. To maintain the same social distancing, people are connecting on smartphones through video calling and messages instead of meeting each other. Meanwhile, personal data security is a big issue, and keeping this in mind, Google has launched ‘Safe Folder’ for its users ,wh,ich is a 4-digit PIN-encrypted folder ,and, it will protect your personal data.

Google has launched ‘Safe Folder’ in the Files app. This folder protects users from opening or accessing important documents, images, videos and audio files by others. Regarding the new folder, Google says that ‘As soon as you move away from the file application, the folder is securely locked and no one can access your data available in the background.’

This is how Safe Folder works

Safe Folder is a secure, 4-digit PIN-encrypted folder that protects your important documents, images, videos and audio files from being opened or accessed by others. That is, someone without your will Cannot access personal data. The folder locks when you are away from the file app. In such a situation, if someone tries to open it, then they have to enter the PIN number. That you have. Not only this, you also have to enter a 4 digit PIN number to open it again. With its help, you can keep your data completely safe.

What is this file app

Explain that Google launched the file application in 2017 to help people living in countries like India, Nigeria and Brazil. Which is quite useful in daily use. The app has more than 150 million users worldwide. Not only this, since launch, this app has deleted more than 1 trillion files. On the other hand, if you manually delete a duplicate, old meme or junk file every second, then it will take you 30,000 years. This work was done in the file app.

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