Google may be shocked, Apple company can launch its search engine, know the reason behind it

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Apple, the company that makes premium smartphones, maybe launching a search engine soon. It should be noted that the number of Apple iPhone users around the world who use the Google search engine so far is quite large. But with the launch of Apple’s new search engine, Google may get a shock. According to reports, the California company Apple is working fast on its search engine.

Why did Apple need to bring its search engine

Google has an agreement with Apple that Apple will use Google as the default search engine for all devices such as iPhone, iPad, and macOS. This means that the Apple device already has a Google search engine. For this, Apple received crore dollars from Google. However, But the Competition and Market Authority of the UK considered the deal between Google and Apple against business rules. According to a report on the technology site Coywolf, Apple’s worldwide market share is quite high. In such situations, it is believed that the agreement between Google and Apple does not provide equal opportunities to other search engines, which is against independent business rules. In such a case, the UK Competition and Market Protection Authority can terminate the transaction. Then Apple will present its own search engine.

What will be new in Apple’s search engine

According to the report, Apple’s search engine can be quite different from the already existing search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Advertisements will not appear on Apple’s search engine and it will be completely private. However, it can not be told right now how Apple’s search engine will work. Also, it is not known whether Apple’s search engine will only support Apple devices or whether other devices will also get support of this search engine.

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