Google offers 5 valuable security features for Android 15

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Google is ramping up its efforts to enhance safety and security with new security features for Android 15.

At the Google I/O 2024 conference, alongside showcasing its advancements in AI, the tech giant revealed some intriguing details about the upcoming Android updates, particularly Android 15.

One of the standout features of Android 15 is the focus on bolstering security and privacy. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, Google is committed to continuously improving the security infrastructure of the Android operating system. This update aims to provide essential security tools to users.

Live Threat Detection with Google Play Protect

A crucial aspect of the Android 15 security update is the introduction of live threat detection, expected to be rolled out by Google and its hardware partners later this year. Leveraging on-device artificial intelligence, Google Play Protect will scan for suspicious activities related to sensitive permissions and other app interactions. If any anomalies are detected, the app will be sent to Google for further review and can be remotely disabled if deemed a threat.

Enhanced Protection Against Fraud and Scams

Android 15 will also bring upgraded protection against fraud and phishing. It will hide one-time passwords (OTPs) from notifications to reduce the risk of being exploited for fraud. Additionally, the update will expand restriction settings, making it more challenging for malicious apps to misuse system permissions for attacks. Google will also provide users with more information and warnings about potential privacy and security threats, empowering them to make informed decisions when using their devices and apps.

Defense Against Social Engineering Attacks

With the prevalence of social engineering attacks on Android devices, Google is introducing new measures in Android 15 to combat such vulnerabilities. The update will hide the user’s screen when entering sensitive information and allow sharing only specific apps instead of the entire screen when using the screen-sharing feature. Users will also receive clearer notifications when their screen is being shared.

Enhanced Mobile Network Security

Android 15 will also focus on bolstering mobile network security. Users will be notified if their mobile network connection is unencrypted and will receive warnings if a rogue cell tower or other monitoring tool attempts to steal their location data.

AI-Based Automatic Screen Lock

To tackle phone theft, Google is enhancing anti-theft features in Android 15. The update will improve factory reset protection, require additional authentication for disabling the Find My Device feature, and automatically lock the device when sudden movement is detected. Additionally, Find My Device will allow users to remotely lock their Android device with a phone number and a security question for those who frequently forget their passwords.

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