Google rolls out remote uninstallation of Android apps

by nativetechdoctor
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The Google Play Store has recently been updated to allow users to uninstall applications from their devices remotely. This feature was first discovered in 2023 and has now been widely rolled out by Google.

To access the remote uninstall feature, users can open the Google Play Store, tap on “Manage apps and devices,” and go to the Management tab. If multiple devices are connected to the same account, users will see a box labeled “This device” in the top left corner, which, when tapped, displays a table of connected devices and a list of apps on each device. Users can then select one or more applications to uninstall and click the trash icon in the top right corner to remove them from the device.

This feature also works on Chromebooks, but it does not have the same functionality in the browser version of the Google Play Store.

Additionally, starting May 31, 2024, Google will require all Android apps that require account creation to provide a simple option to delete a user’s account within the app and website. This change was announced in April 2023, and the company also announced a “Can delete account” badge on the list of apps that meet these requirements.

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