Google Search will soon be integrated with artificial intelligence

by nativetechdoctor

Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that Google Search will begin integrating the AI ​​Bard chatbot in the near future.
According to GSMArena, Pichai said that integrating Bard in upcoming updates to Google Search will help the tool better compete with Bing Chat, which has been integrated with AI chatbots for some time. Even Microsoft has started rolling out Bing Chat to other services, including SwiftKey Beta

Mr. Pichai said AI will enhance Google Search’s ability to respond to user requests, and rival chatbots like Bing Chat and ChatGPT will not pose a threat to Google Search.

Earlier, Mr. Pichai asserted in an interview that people can engage in a conversation with a bot powered by LLM (large language modeling), specifically PaLM.

According to the Google CEO, PaLM is a language model that has been proven to make Bard better at certain tasks like code generation and translation

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