Google stopped supporting Pixel 2 after the release of Android 11

by nativetechdoctor
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Google has just confirmed that Android 11 will be the latest update for the Pixel 2 series operating system before the company no longer supports this device later.

According to Neowin, Google promised two years of operating system updates for its devices when the Pixel 2 series appeared. After Google updated the original Pixel to Android 10 – the third-largest update for the device operating system – many believed that Pixel 2 would get the same. This was later confirmed when Google released a preview for Android 11 developers for Pixel 2 Series phones.

Comments on AOSP now indicate that the company is no longer releasing new updates after implementing updates for Android 11 for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Of course, after Android 11 is released, companies can release one or two security patches to fix several bugs and vulnerabilities.

Comments with AOSP also confirm that Google Pixel 4a starts with Android 10. This means that the device will receive an operating system update in 2023 or shortly before Android 14 starts. However, this is speculative and the company can expand your system support for your device at any time.

Reportedly, Google is expected to announce the Pixel 4a on March 3.8 after several months of leaks.

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