Google will prompt users to open Chrome if ‘forgotten’

by nativetechdoctor
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Google is working on adding a notification to Chrome for Android to remind users to use the browser if they haven’t opened it in a long time or if they are using another browser. The feature that 9to5Google discovered is called “Re-Engagement Notifications” and is now hidden under the experimental flag. The special capabilities of the feature are shown on the Chromium Gerrit, indicating that for some users the fea,ture is hidden behind a restart notification flag.

Once this feature is moved to Chrome’s stable channel for mobile devices, it is expected to provide notification when users indirectly open links through other browsing apps. Besides, it will also check if the user has opened Chrome for a while. Also allows use if there is more than one browser installed on their phone.

With Chrome on Android accounting for nearly 87% of the market share since July 2020, Google’s move to prompt Android users to switch to using the browser may not be welcomed by many. Of course, other browsers like Microsoft Edge won’t want this at all.

One detail to keep in mind is that Google was not the first company to come up with its browser advertising plans. Previously, Microsoft has also promoted the promotion of Edge browser on Android, but this action did not reach the desired reception.

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