GTA Online is getting an Underground nightClub

by nativetechdoctor
1 minutes read

if you play GTA Online regularly then i think you have noticed the scaffolding and construction going on at The Diamond, or if you listen closely, you might just hear the muffled thud of a relentless kick drum.

according to rockstar “The Music Locker is underground in every possible way. It’s located directly underneath The Diamond Casino & Resort, for starters. It’s also preparing to be home to a new wave of world class DJs. If you’re ready to grab some drinks, find a partner and dance the night away, The Music Locker is the place to go, with stunning visuals and an impeccable sound system ready to deliver basslines directly to your midsection.

“The Music Locker introduces new gameplay features including the ability to dance with a partner, as well as new dance moves for all players to show what they have on the dance floor.”

Moodymann will perform on week one, Keinemusik, and Palms Trax will take clubbers on a journey later in the season. this is part of the impending multiplayer mode’s update.


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