Hacker group Anonymous claims to take down Russian government websites

by nativetechdoctor
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Anonymous, the notorious Guy Fawkes masked hacker group that specializes in trolling powerful groups including the Obama administration, has just returned. This time, they claim to be targeting the Russian authorities.

Several Anonymous-linked Twitter accounts claim to have taken down several websites linked to the Russian government, including the state-sponsored news site Russia Today. Earlier, the news agency confirmed they were targeted by a massive DDoS cyber attack.

The attacks are part of the cyber war that Anonymous launched against Russia in retaliation for Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

“Anonymous is currently engaged in activities against the Russian Federation,” the hacker group announced on its Twitter account. “Our operations are targeting the Russian government. One thing is for sure, the private sector will most likely be affected as well.”

The purpose of Anonymous is to bring peace in the region and future for all mankind.

It is not known how Anonymous will attack the Russian Government, but in the past this group of hackers has repeatedly said but did not do it. Just last year they threatened to attack Elon Musk but nothing happened.

Currently, the tense situation is unfolding both on the ground and in cyberspace. Hacker groups believed to be affiliated with the Russian side have carried out numerous DDoS and malware attacks against many Ukrainian institutions and banks. Malware that erases data disguised as ransomware is being spread widely in Ukraine by hackers.

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