Hackers ‘steal’ 190 GB of sensitive data from Samsung?

by nativetechdoctor

Some confidential Samsung data is said to have been leaked, by a cyberattack carried out by a hacker named LOPSUS$.

According to Engadget, a report from BleepingComputer said that on March 4, the LOPSUS$ hacking group uploaded a data warehouse that they believed to be from Samsung.

According to the report, this group of hackers has obtained the bootloader source code for all recent Samsung devices.

The entire database contains about 190 GB of data and is being shared in a torrent file. If the leaked content is accurate, it could cause significant damage to Samsung.

Samsung has not yet commented on the cyber attack. electronics South Korea is assessing the situation.

database Nvidia. Regarding the previous incident, LOPSUS$ said it obtained about 1 TB of confidential data from this GPU designer, including documents, private tools, schematics, drivers, firmware.

In its statement, the hacking group said its actions against Nvidia and Samsung were unrelated to political motives.

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