Halo Infinite glitch could allow co-op campaign mode to try out

by nativetechdoctor
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A Halo Infinite player mined the game code to gain early access to the co-op campaign mode.

According to ScreenRant, one Halo Infinite player found a way to get early access to the co-op campaign mode by exploiting a glitch in the game, but this could ruin saves. during play.

in the August 2021 update, 343 Industries informed fans that Halo Infinite will ship without co-op and Forge campaigns. The ability to play campaign co-op will be available in Season 2 and Forge will follow in Season 3. But many players can’t wait to see how Season 1 ends in May 2022.

But players can experience the campaign co-op mode early by using a trick shared by user Nobleactual on Twitter as follows:

· Make sure Halo Infinite is offline.

·Connect a second controller to the game console.

· Sign in to your Xbox account.

· Start campaign mode with 1st controller.

· In the game, press Start and then press Back.

· With the second controller, press Start to be able to join the team. You can already experience the campaign mode with your friends.

However, Nobleactual did issue a few caveats. First, Halo Infinite won’t work properly and the second player lacks the HUD (Heads-up Display). Can even corrupt the player’s save data.

Players are advised not to attempt to access the co-op campaign mode at this time to avoid damage to the game. So please wait for the official launch to experience the most complete game.

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