Here are 5 tips to improve your experience with the web version of Gmail

by nativetechdoctor
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Gmail continues to grow in both functionality and design. The result is positive: this service is not only more beautiful but also more intuitive. Here are some tips to improve your experience with the web version of Gmail

Save time with quick buttons and shortcuts

Since the last visual update, Gmail has offered a fast interaction button. You only need to point to the email with the mouse to display the small buttons: archive, delete, mark unread and hold. This saves time, which is very valuable in a professional environment.

If performance is important to you, you will also appreciate the use of keyboard shortcuts. You can activate it in the General Settings tab. After that, you only need to interact with the service using certain keys. A full list can be found on the Google website. However, note that this command is not the same on Mac and Windows.

Modify the interface

Of course, the user interface can be adjusted using themes like in previous versions. If you want to change the preview of the email (lines are wider by default, especially if there are attachments), all you have to do is click on the gear in the upper right corner and then click on the density indicator.Then choose the display mode you want. Standard mode has a place for attachments in the preview, the second mode is similar, but has no place for attachments, and the last mode looks more compact than the old version.

Add services

On the right side of the screen, you will find buttons for various Google services. No wonder the US giant is highlighting various elements of its ecosystem. However, Google goes further than just promoting your service: You can add items from the G Suite Marketplace. Hello to professionals, for example. Note that most users are primarily interested in Google services.
Followers of Google Assignments will also be glad that you simply pulled and released notes from the message.

Join the dark side

Google has a dark surface. This is actually a problem where the surface with white text and buttons is basically dark (with the exception of Google services on the right). Another variant is also called Terminal (obviously referring to the famous console) and is slightly darker.
If you want to customize the appearance of your Gmail account, of course, you can find more topics in various genres. You can even use your own photo if you want.

Use the hold function

This function is already known to users of the Google Inbox application (can be used quietly). If you receive an email but don’t have time to process it when you read it, you can reprogram it to use it again later. So you don’t risk forgetting it. Just click the Hold button (or press the b button on your keyboard if you have activated the shortcut), which is represented by the clock on the shortcut key when you hover your mouse over an email.Note that you can specify in detail when the email will be returned: You can choose one of the default options or set your own time and date. If for whatever reason you want to return to the email that you queued, you will find the category on the left (under the inbox) on the menu.

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