Here’s everything apple just announced at the 2022 event (iPhone 14 Series, Watch Ultra and a series of new products)

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Newly launched iPhone 14 Series, Watch Series 8 / Ultra or Airpods Pro with details not much different from previous rumours.

Watch Series 8

Watch Series 8 opens for Apple‘s product introduction event this year in the evening (GMT). It is possible that many users are not satisfied when Apple continues to keep the same design of the smartwatch line over the years and only adds a few features as well as insignificant configuration changes.

Watch Series 8 has no significant design changes compared to previous models

sensor temperature, which Apple emphasizes to support women in special biological periods, recognizing differences from 0.1 degrees Celsius and automatically checking body temperature every 5 seconds. The machine also has 2 more motion sensors capable of detecting the owner in trouble in a car accident, especially only operating when the user is in the state of sitting on a moving vehicle, so it helps to save more battery.

Low Power Mode is a new addition to watchOS 9 and is available for all Apple Watches from Series 4 onwards. This feature will turn off the always-on display (AOD) and stop automatically tracking physical activity (but still recognize movement or detect a car accident).

Apple says that Series 8 has a slight upgrade in design compared to its predecessor, faster charging, long usage time and new colours. The aluminium version includes four options Midnight Blue, Starlight Gold, Silver and Red, while the steel itself is only available in Silver, Gold and Graphite.

Users can pre-order from 9.9, and Apple starts shipping on September 16. The list price is 399 USD for the GPS version and 499 USD if the mobile network connection feature is added.

New Watch SE

Watch SE 2022 (2nd SE generation) is considered an upgrade compared to the previous SE generation, aimed at customers with low finance or more straightforward needs than the Watch Series. The device costs 249 USD for the GPS version and 299 USD for the LTE version, 30 USD lower than the “elder” model. The device has the exact pre-order and delivery times as the Watch Series 8.

Like the higher-end model, SE 2022 also has a more vehicle accident detection sensor and works 20% faster than the first SE (Apple announced) thanks to the new S8 chip (same type as Series 8). The device includes Silver, Midnight Blue, and Starlight Gold colours.

Watch Ultra

The brand new watch model in Apple’s product list launches exactly as previously rumoured. This is a version designed with better ambient resistance, suitable for special physical activities (deep sea diving, mountain climbing, desert exploration…) or in extreme conditions. . Just launched, but Watch Ultra quickly became the most expensive and high-end watch in Apple’s smartwatch line when it opened for sale from September 23 for $ 799 (nearly 19 million).

Ultra owns a titanium chassis, 49 mm face, redesigned knob and an additional Action key on the side for users to set special tasks on demand. The screen is made of sapphire glass, 2,000 nit brightness, and 3 built-in microphones to improve call sound quality and eliminate environmental noise.

The device is only available in the mobile network version and can last up to 36 hours on a single charge with a battery saver mode that lasts up to 60 hours. According to Apple, the product has enough power to track users’ activities for a long time with mixed activities, including swimming 3.8 km, cycling 180 km, and running 42 km marathons. Multi-band GPS mechanism is also improved, adding L5 frequency, similar to some current Garmin or Coro’s models.

As a watch for special environments, Ultra has 3 different strap options to suit each purpose and ensure the watch is always on hand.

Airpods Pro 2nd generation

After much waiting, users have also seen Apple’s 2nd generation Airpods Pro headset. The product is equipped with an all-new H2 chip that the company promises to improve sound quality and reduce environmental noise better than twice the first generation.

Notably, Airpods Pro 2 will come with a new charging box (charging egg), support the Find My feature (find objects), built-in speaker to make it easier for users to know the location. In addition to the traditional Lightning cable charging option, users can refill the new headset’s battery via Qi wireless charging, MagSafe, or even the Apple Watch’s charger. Each full charge has a continuous use time of about 6 hours.

The new headphones are priced at 249 USD, open to order from 9.9 and ship from 23.9. The product box will have an extra pair of super-small ear tips to fit more users.

iPhone 14 Series

iPhone 14 Series can be divided into 2 main groups, as Apple introduced at the event: iPhone 14/14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus retain the design of the iPhone 13 Series, even sharing the same A15 Bionic processor chip. As expected, this year, Apple dropped the Mini version and replaced it with a model with a much larger screen – marking the return of the iPhone Plus. Models released in the US will not have a physical SIM tray, using only an eSIM. iPhone 14 starts at 799 USD, while iPhone 14 Plus is the cheapest at 899$. Pre-orders start at 9.9 and ship iPhone 14 first (16.9), while iPhone 14 Plus buyers have to wait until 7.10 to get the device.

iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch screen, while the Plus model has a 6.7-inch screen. The large screen version is claimed by Apple to have the best battery life ever to appear on an iPhone. Both have a 12 MP super wide-angle camera, f/1.5 aperture on the front, an anti-shake mechanism and a 12 MP TrueDepth sensor with autofocus.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max both remove the “rabbit ears” and replace them with a “pill” shaped front camera area, which can be flexibly changed to the letter “i”. This is also the first time Apple has brought a new design to the iPhone screen since the iPhone X was released in 2017. The screen sizes of the two products are 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, respectively, with plenty of space to spread. More experience by eliminating “rabbit ears”.

CEO Tim Cook exclaims that the duo is “the most innovative product ever born of the Pro line”. Users must pay the new device from $ 999 for iPhone 14 Pro and $ 1,099 to own iPhone 14 Pro Max. The device is open for pre-order from 9.9 and delivery from 16.9, like many products launched at the same event.

Apple’s two flagship smartphones this year are equipped with the new A16 Bionic chip and AOD screen, which is more interested in energy saving, display and camera optimization. The 6-core CPU contains 2 high-performance cores that save up to 20% of the power while the remaining four cores only “consume” power 1/3 of the competition.

This is also the first time iPhone is equipped with a 48MP camera. Both carry a cluster of 3 cameras on the back that are improved in photography and zoom compared to the previous generation, especially in low light conditions. If you like to record videos on your phone, users may be satisfied when the iPhone 14 Pro has a movie mode with 4K resolution at 30fps (fps).

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