How Apple will tell you that you are being watched by PEGASUS spyware

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Apple has sent a notification to users who may be victims of spyware from the Israeli company NSO.

Apple is absolutely determined to end the actions of the NSO group. Just hours after filing a lawsuit against the Israeli manufacturer, the American company sent a notice. They are designed to inform and support users who may have been individually attacked by government-sponsored attackers based on their identity or activity. Exactly the example with Pegasus was strongly criticized by the company yesterday, as well as by the resources used. Keep in mind that spyware is designed to monitor politicians, journalists, activists, or public figures.

If you are being spied on, here’s how Apple will warn you

If Apple discovers suspicious activity, the American firm will warn you in two different ways:

  • via the Apple portal ID  
  • via email and iMessage

In the voice of Ivan Krstić, Apple’s head of security, the Apple brand said the move was aimed at sending a clear message. Then he added that his company was working on one of the most complex security engineering operations in the world. Now Apple wants to use all its weight to protect its users from malicious organizations like the NSO Group.

Note that Cupertino wants to be very laconic on its detection tools in order not to provide any information to pirates and other perpetrators of the operation, in order to keep the secret of its means of action.

Adopt good practices

The apple brand finally ends with some security tips, emphasizing the importance of protecting yourself against cybercriminals and malware by adopting best practices:

  • the software update of its devices (in particular security patches),
  • the creation of an access code,
  • two-factor authentication and a strong password for Apple ID,
  • installing applications from the App Store,
  • the use of strong and unique passwords online and
  • of course not to click on links or attachments sent by unknown senders

The good news is that after the revelations and reports from cybersecurity specialties, Apple has already stepped up the security of iOS (with the iOS 15 update). And to date, the firm has reportedly “seen no evidence of successful remote attacks against devices running iOS 15 and later.”

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