How to change the WordPress wp-admin url

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The security of our website is extremely important and one point we want to address today is how to change the wp-admin URL in WordPress .

The usual way in which we normally access has 2 disadvantages :

  • It is not very “accessible”: If you are used to WordPress the most likely thing is that you will not have problems. The downside is when you don’t use it often. It is much easier to remember a custom URL, for example: / name than / wp-admin.
  • Low security: This one has even more weight. Changing the URL offers us more security, since not being the usual route, it is more complicated to find out.

Normally, in our WordPress we access the administration and configuration panel through the url: / wp-admin. The problem is that they all use the same URL, so we are facilitating access to Hackers .

To change the WordPress wp-admin URL, we can use different free plugins. Here we will talk about the best known, so you have a couple of options if you find incompatibility problems with any of them

How to edit the url to access WordPress

firstly download and install wps hide login

Once the plugin is installed, in the left side menu of your WordPress administration panel, go to Settings> General.

At the bottom you will see the option of WPS Hide Login.

With this plugin, you can also change the url to redirect a user who tries to access the administration panel without being logged in. You save the changes and now you can access your WordPress with the new url, leaving wp-admin disabled.

If you forget the new url, you can delete the plugin from FTP and you will access WordPress again from wp-admin.

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