How to increase the speed of your PS4

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Waiting a few hours, if not days, to download a game that you’ve been waiting for months is frustrating. Dematerialization of the game is good, but when such a situation arises, we almost regret the good old Blu-ray that blew up dust in the back of the cupboard after the game ended. Fortunately, there are tricks you can use to optimize the speed of your console. We will talk about this in this article.

The trick to boost the speed of the PS4

Most people often use a visa card or PlayStation network card to purchase games on the PlayStation store. After purchase, the game goes directly to the download list. The problem now is that PlayStation 4 games size is big. As a result, downloading drags on, especially when you don’t have fiber optic internet. Here’s a tip to help you fix it

Go to the settings of the Playstation

Go to Network settings

choose “Set Up Internet Connection

On the next screen, choose “custom” and enter the following settings:

  • IP address on Automatic
  • DHCP in Unspecified
  • Manual DNS with the following addresses: Primary and Secondary
  • MTU settings on automatic
  • Finally, leave the Proxy setting at “Do not use”.

Why change the PS4 DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) are systems used to convert the domain names of sites into IP addresses and function as directories for these addresses. Each DNS has its network, which means that a given DNS server can send a request to another server to translate a name into an IP address. But sometimes this DNS is ineffective, and problems of slowness can occur even with your ISP, whose settings are not always optimized to provide maximum throughput. This means that if your PS4 goes through the poorly optimized DNS server of your ISP, this can slow down your downloads. DNS parameters must, therefore, be modified.

The two DNS addresses mentioned above are public and provided by Google. They should improve the speed of your connection. If not, you can also use the following:

Open DNS: and
Cloudflare: and
Comodo Secure DNS: and
Quad9 DNS: and
Verisign DNS: and

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