How to make sounds with your iPhone to help you focus better

by nativetechdoctor
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iOS 15 is probably one of the iPhone updates that have least succeeded in convincing users. Many bugs galore but also timid features, the new OS is probably one of the least significant released on the iPhone for years.

Still, the iPhone operating system has some useful new features, including ambient sound streaming to help you focus. Six different sounds are offered, namely “Balanced Noise”, “Clear Noise”, “Dark Noise”, “Ocean”, “Rain”, and “River”.

As Apple points out, the iPhone “plays sounds in the background to mask unwanted surrounding noise. These sounds can minimize distractions and help you focus better, calm down and rest. Conveniently, these sounds can be played along with the music.

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone, then to Accessibility. Then press the Audio/Visual and then click on Background sounds. Enable the first option first. menu Sound, select the sound you want to hear, then go back to adjust the volume of the sound. Check Use when playing media to allow audio to continue playing when a video or music is playing. Check to Stop playing sounds while locked to stop the iPhone from playing ambient sounds when locked.

Ambient sounds can also be played from the control center. Press the ear. From this menu, you can find almost the same options as from the Settings application.

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