How to Pause a File Transfer on Mac and Resume Later

by nativetechdoctor

Unlike Windows PCs, the Mac lets you pause a transfer and resume it later, even after shutting it down.

There are certain features that seem obvious but are not always available on one OS or another. This is particularly the case of the quick convert a photo on Mac, which is extremely practical but Windows computers, unfortunately, do not offer.

In the opposite case, there has been a feature on Windows for a long time that Macs did not offer until recently. When you transfer a file or document from one space to another, your PC tells you the remaining transfer time and offers to cancel or pause it. Unfortunately, the feature was not possible on Mac before the arrival of macOS Monterey.

With the new OS of Apple computers, a small pie chart appears next to the name of the file being transferred. This pie chart also indicates the progress of the transfer. If you decide to stop the transfer while it is loading by pressing the cross at the top left of the file, a small circular arrow will appear in the pie chart and the file will become a “ghost”.

You can then tap on this pie chart to access two options:

Finish copying;

Keep a resumable copy: this will allow you, even if you turn off your Mac, to resume the transfer later. This is a big advantage that differs enormously from Windows computers.

If you want to permanently get rid of this ghost file, feel free to right-click on it and choose Move to Trash.

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