how To Take control of your WordPress notices

by nativetechdoctor

Nothing is easier than installing a plugin on WordPress, whether free or premium, what is annoying is seeing a lot of ungrouped notifications by plugins. It must be admitted that while some notices are perfectly justified (example: enter your license number), others are far too intrusive and, at the very least unnecessary.

Based on these observations, the WPServeur team decided to fix this by creating a plugin that allows all these notifications to be grouped and centralized in one place.

With WPS Notification Center, you can hide all notifications for administration and combine them into one expandable notification. Use your WordPress interface without visual pollution.

How To Install WPS Notice Center

  • navigate to plugins and search for WPS Notice Center
  • install and activate it

that’s it you don’t have to do any further settings the plugin will group everything for you

This plugin is only maintained, which means that WPServeur does not guarantee free support. Consider reporting a problem and be patient.

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