How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once for Free

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If you have followed a lot of Instagram users, sometimes you might consider not following them at once. There are many third-party applications that you can use to automate this process so you don’t have to do it manually. Here I have made a list of applications that you can use to make everything available for free on Instagram all at once.

The first time you try to access the application that is listed in this article, you may receive an “Unusual login attempt” error message. To delete this, simply open your account in the official Instagram app and tap “THIS WAS ME” or enter the security code that will be sent to your mobile or email. This should fix the problem.

1. Unfollow everyone on Instagram: Android

Unfollower for Instagram is a free Android application that allows you to manage multiple accounts at once. This application gives you two options that you can use to unfollow. Users who follow you and those who don’t. This makes it easy to filter users you know, so you don’t have to scroll to see their thumbnails.

To reject the account you are tracking, open the application and log in with your Instagram username and password. It runs the official Instagram API, which gives applications remote access to your followers’ list. After you sign in, touch the red button next to each account or delete accounts from everyone by tapping the Unlock All button. This application is free and there are no restrictions to complete the following actions. However, there are advertisements that are not a problem because you can start the process and minimize the application and still stop following people in the background.

If the above application fails in the future, you can install Cleaner for Instagram or Insta to stop following the masses, which basically functions the same way except for a few restrictions. For example, with Cleaner for Instagram, you can provide the following 50 users in the free version. With Insta Mass unfollowing, you can use the next 20 users simultaneously.

2. Unfollow everyone on Instagram: iOS

Mass Unfollow for Instagram is a free application that allows you to refuse to track users from your iPhone or iPad. Simply log in with your Instagram credentials, open the “Follow” tab, select all users and tap the “Don’t Follow” action. The only warning with this application is that you can only cancel the following 100 users with the free application, but you can remove the $ 1.99 limit.

Or, you can use Cleaner for IG if the first one stops functioning in the future. You can only use the following 50 users in the free version, and the upgrade fee is $ 2.99.

3. Unfollow everyone on Instagram: Desktop

Unlike previous applications that require access to your account to open pages at once, this Chrome extension can be an alternative. To get started, you don’t need to share your password and account information with the application, and the application can run in the background in your web browser.

Install the Auto Followers Chrome extension using this link in your Chrome web browser. Go to the Instagram website and go to the profile and click “Follow”. You will see a list of all users that you are following. Now click on the Chrome extension above and enter the appropriate value. Click “Follow” to get started.

To avoid warnings with the Instagram algorithm, keep your clicks around 10 per interval and set an interval between 20 and 60 seconds. These values ​​ensure that you can safely remove titles from anyone without locking your account.

Depending on the parameters entered and the number of users, it might take a while for the work to be completed. You can leave the tab open and perform other tasks. The expansion continues to track people in the background.

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