Huawei could finally feel the American embargo

by nativetechdoctor

After a good year in 2019, Huawei could feel the implementation of the 2019 ban on Huawei despite the US embargo and the loss of Google services. The Chinese giant expects a 20% drop in sales in 2020 on the leading “Information” page submitted by “Android Authority” on Monday 9 March. Huawei plans to sell 190 million smartphones by 2020, compared to 240 million in 2019.

The specialist’s website quoted anonymous “near-case” sources, which indicated that this information (a 20% reduction) had been communicated internally to Huawei by several relationship managers. The same source claims that this significant decline will be directly related to the estimated half-pole sales in other European and international markets (understand markets outside China that are most affected by the lack of Google services).

The Chinese giant has so far refused, mainly thanks to the economic patriotism of Chinese consumers, which has allowed it to sell 12 million of its newest Mate 30 (out of the estimated 20 million), but still without Google Cellular Services. Huawei has a 42% market share in the Middle Kingdom. In Europe, the most affected markets were between the Sino-American trade war,

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Huawei saves furniture by launching a new “cloned” smartphone or a derivative of an old model that was introduced before the embargo. Thanks to certificates approved by Huawei and the US giant, they can integrate Google services.

2020, a leap into the unknown and without the Google parachute

If Chinese companies have so far managed to save face, 2020 promises a turning point or at least a turning point. This is the first year that manufacturers have not yet launched a new model with Google services.

Huawei’s priority now is to work on its own cellular service (Huawei cellular service) and to further develop internal application stores. The possible reluctance of consumers to buy a smartphone without Google services and the exhaustion of the recycling model explains why Huawei might reduce its ambitions.

The Huawei P40 series planned for March 26 should function as a barometer. If the launch is better than the size of Mate 30 (which has long been formalized in France), Huawei might have the opportunity to make this transition a little smoother without Google.

However, Huawei followers currently only have two options. Choose a smartphone with a technical data sheet for 2019, but with Google services, or the 2020 standard model without Google.

How about you? Will you buy the next Huawei P40 / P40 Pro without Google services?

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