IBM claims quantum chips will soon surpass traditional chips

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IBM is designing a chip that will help quantum systems “beat” traditional computers within the next two years.

According to Reuters, the chip quantum named “Eagle” by IBM with 127 qubits – performing units in the form of quantum information. Classical computer systems used units of bits, each bit could be 0 or 1, and qubits were both 1s and 0s at the same time.

Though quantum computer has the potential to outperform computers tradition, the construction of qubits is not easy, should have a freezer with a technology cryogenic computer to operate correctly.

While ‘s latest M1 Max chip Apple has 57 billion transistors, IBM claims its Eagle chip will be the first to have more than 100 qubits.

With advances in quantum computer cooling and control systems, IBM hopes to produce more qubits at its factories in New York (USA). The company also plans to produce “Oprey” chips by 2022 with 433 qubits and “Condor” chips with 1,121 qubits, which is also the time when quantum computers can beat classical computers.

Darío Gil – senior vice president of IBM said that this does not mean that quantum computers will completely overtake traditional computers, but that IBM is aiming to use both traditional and quantum chips in parallel. different parts of the computer, each of which is good at a particular task.

“We believe we can demonstrate quantum progress within the next few years,” said Darío Gil. That is our mission.

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