Immediately delete these 4 applications infected with Joker malware

by nativetechdoctor
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malware Joker has been making a comeback since as recently as December 2021, after it was found in four Android apps with a total of over 100,000 installs.

According to Androidheadlines, new information about Joker was discovered and confirmed by Pradeo with applications including Smart SMS Messages, Blood Pressure Monitor, Voice Languages ​​Translator, and Quick Text SMS. The first app on the list had the most downloads before being removed, over 50,000. All four apps have been removed from the Play Store, and that could be Google’s response after receiving the report from Pradeo.

Joker is malware that started appearing a few years ago and is constantly evolving. The operation of this software is to make users sign up for paid services without the user’s consent, even without knowing they have signed up. That’s when Joker started draining users’ bank accounts.

If the user installs any of these apps, remove them. The user may then need to check his or her bank statement to see if there is a charge for something he doesn’t periodically pay. Joker has a tendency to sign up for users to buy content, then slowly cash it out from users’ bank accounts, so make sure to double-check any of these apps on your device. your device or not.

Since being first discovered in 2017, Joker has returned several times. It initially worked on SMS fraud, then evolved over time. It was significantly different in September 2020 when it came out for the second time with more than 120,000 Joker downloaded.

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