In 2022, what can you do in the metaverse virtual universe?

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Recently, many “big guys” are trying to pour money into the metaverse – a concept that refers to a universe that gathers many worlds different virtual

But metaverse not only contributes to increasing profits for businesses, but also gives users the opportunity to experience new things.

Build a house, explore and have fun

Gamers are probably no stranger to “living” in the virtual world through games like Minecraft , Roblox, to Decentraland or The Sandbox. Through these games, players can participate in many interesting activities such as building houses, traveling , shopping, going to the game area, meeting friends and attending music festivals. But if previous games were just closed virtual worlds, the metaverse is aiming for a unified game universe, in which Decentraland players can freely exchange items with The Sandbox gamers without any problems. any barriers.


According to Forbes , going to work in the metaverse is an idea that sounds quite strange at first, but could become a new trend in the future. As remote work becomes more and more popular, office workers will not need to move much and still be able to meet colleagues in a pre-made virtual office. With the ambition to lead the trend of working on the metaverse, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta is now introducing the Horizon Workroom service, which uses Oculus glasses to join virtual meeting rooms. Thanks technology, you can bring both your desk and your real-life keyboard into a compatible location in your virtual office.


The Covid-19 pandemic has promoted online learning, enabling teachers and students to teach, exchange, and do exercises via video calling software such as Zoom, Google Meet without going to class. But the disadvantage of video calling is that it does not provide an intuitive learning experience for students, which easily leads to distractions during online lessons. Virtual classrooms on metaverse can overcome this drawback by combining with VR technology that allows interaction with virtual objects to enhance the student’s experience and help teachers communicate ideas more easily. Many schools in the US, such as Florida State Optima Academy, have just announced their intention to set up a virtual school earlier this year, equipping Oculus and enabling them to choose courses to visit different locations. Points are available on the metaverse such as visiting the White House in history class, or exploring 3D planets in astronomy.

Marriage, birthday, party on metaverse

Many experts believe that the metaverse will be an opportunity for the event industry to bounce back after a long time of struggling because of the impact of the epidemic. According to Skywell Software analysis, a business that wants to organize an event on the metaverse will not be limited in terms of space and number of participants, as Epic Games once held a concert that allowed millions of people to come and see rapper Travis Scott perform live right in the game Fortnite.

On the other hand, metaverse participants can also organize their own small-scale events such as marriages, birthdays and design spaces according to personal preferences without worrying about costs. For example, if you intend to host an astronomy conference, you can boldly choose the location the moon or a planet outside the solar system. Want to hold a Harry Potter fan meeting? You can “book” right where the venue is the Hogwarts school located on the metaverse.

Invest in virtual land, NFT

Referring to the metaverse, we cannot ignore the huge money-making potential of the virtual universe with all kinds of investments such as digital real estate, cryptocurrency, NFT Many people decide to join the metaverse to own own “virtual” land and items but bring “real” value. That’s why there are real estate companies like Metaverse Property, which specialize in providing users with consulting services to buy land in virtual reality platforms. Besides, play-to-earn games running on blockchain are being considered part of the metaverse, like The Sandbox game has its own “currency” called SAND token, players earn tokens by owning, hunting for items such as land, houses or creating items yourself using VoxEdit software to sell on the digital marketplace.

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